Scan this QR code with your iPhone or iPad to get to the contact icon maker.


Do i need to have a jailbroken iPhone?
No, it works on all iPhones.

Does it cost anything to make or use the icons?
No, it´s free. (except for the datatraffic)

Does Callicons.com save any personal data?
No, there is no data is saved.

Does the icons created on Callicons.com use datatraffic when used?
Yes, if you are connected to internet a very small file is loaded when using the icons (approx. 0,1kB). This is only a check if any updates are done. If no updates have been done the Callicon function will use cached files.

Do i need internet access to use the icons created with Callicons.com?
No, Callicons work without internet access by using cached files.