Scan this QR code with your iPhone or iPad to get to the contact icon maker.


Callicons.com is a tool to create contact icons on the iPhone and iPad Home Screen. It's easy to do and it is free.

Have you ever been sitting in your car trying to find the most important contacts you have on your iPhone? Then you know how frustrating it is to not have a direct icon to push to make that important call.

Now you can fix this.

Go to www.callicons.com on your iPhone/iPad (or scan the QR code on this page).

Type in name, number and choose the colors for your icon to your contact.

Press 'Create Callicon'.

When the next page is opened you may click on the page and take or choose a background image if you like. Then press the middle button at the bottom of the Safari web browser and choose 'Add to Home Screen'.

You have now created an icon to your contact directly accessible from the iPhone Home Screen.